Republic 24
Flooring and wall decorative screed
* 2-3 mm thick layer, range of colours
* exclusive, decorative, durable
* texture, pattern can be imprinted. Dust proof.
* good both for floors and walls; on concrete, wood, tiles, plasterboard, dry wall, furniture.
* For apartment, loft, studio, club, wet room, office.
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Alfa Pet
Industril Concrete floor
* Polymeric floor foundation
* Parking, garage
* Shopping malls
* Yard, trail, road
* Gas station
* Basement
* Terrace, spacious balcony
* Private flats, villas
* Light industrial space
* Food facilities
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Epoxy Floor
Industrial epoxy flooring represents: Considering the expected loads, with the appropriate technology, with the best materials, up to 2-5mm, one of the types of high-quality, highly polished polymer flooring.
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Concrete floors update
The technology is applied for both existing
concrete floors and after creation of new surfaces
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Microcement - creative, upscale,
decorative flooring and wall cladding for new/refurbished base
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