The company  ’’Best Group’’  was founded in 2012.

The company can carry out various projects and services in the field of industrial concrete floors throughout Georgia. At the moment the number of employs in the company makes up 100-120 people.

Safety, quality and time – That is important for us.


The mission of the company is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with construction companies and to support the development of small and large businesses in Georgia.

To take care of  professional development of the employees and create additional jobs. The reason for our successful and efficient service is our highly qualified, professional staff.

Our company constantly strives to offer the latest innovations, and new technologies to our customers.

The company actively participates in various international and local exhibitions such as: Turkey– Yapi Fuari, Turkeybuild Istanbul 2019, Germany –Buama 2019 Germany, Munich, USA, Las Vegas – World of Concrete 2020 Las Vegas, USASpain– Cuvecrete Distibution Workshop, Poland – Warsaw Workshop


The main goal of the company is to provide high quality, comfortable, fast and affordable services in the concrete industry throughout Georgia. Create customer-oriented, simple and affordable payment terms that are focused on individual companies.

By the end of 2020, the company plans to move to a new stage of development, such as: Construction of industrial facilities – (design, construction, full service).

Material and technical resources:

  • 7 500 m2 მ2  Commercial yard in Tbilisi
  • 1 200 m2  fully furnished warehouse
  • 72 m2
  • 160 m2 office space
  • 100 m2 office space, Saburtalo, Tsagareli st.

Construction machinery - mechanisms and transport:

More than 150 units of heavy and light equipment. Various types of vehicles-mechanisms and transport, including: Mobile crane-mechanisms,  Concrete pumps, Plastering machines, Trucks, Tipper trucks,  Excavator and other special  machines, apparatus.

Arrangement of industrial concrete floors (with foundation preparation).

–(Workshops, warehouses, parkings, garages, malls, food stores, farms).

Arrangement of decorative (printed) concrete floors.

– (Trails, yards, squares, terraces, around pools, sidewalks).

Arrangement of polished concrete floors.

– (Car …, halls, exhibition halls).

Epoxy flooring arrangement.

-(Parking lots, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls, offices, catering & pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories).

Restoration of old floors.

Stretching the floor.

–  (Apartments, terraces, roofs, basements).

– (ბინები,სარდაფები,ფასადები).

Flat roofing – with insulation and protective layers.

(Terraces, roofs)